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A Personal Message from Specialist Physiotherapist, Phil Evans  

Over the last few days I’ve been in-undated with people asking if I can still help them even though my clinic is closed.

The answer is an emphatic YES!

I’ve been working with dozens of patients over the last few days who have picked up new aches and pains since they’re been quarantined.

It’s a sad fact that a new routine brings new aches and pains. For example:

I’ve seen a spike in things like knee and back pain from mothers who are now getting down on the floor to spend more time with their children than they’ve ever done before.

The new pains are a consequence of bending over more, having your back twisted and just generally picking up your children more now than if they were at school.

It’s not nice.

And what makes it even worse is that many of you are experiencing this, but at the same time are frightened about the consequences of coming out to my clinic for a Physio session that would have been so easy to do.

Now because so many of you are asking for help, I’ve added another few sessions to my online Physio consultation schedule.

Doing your Physio online works in the same way that is done face to face in my clinic:

1. I talk to you to find out exactly where the pain is

2. I tell you what is going wrong

3. I tell you what to stop or limit doing

4. I show you the exact things (exercises etc.,) that you should be doing 

5. I guide you through those exercises so that you can be confident you’re doing them right (and not making things worse)

6. You instantly feel better having the peace of mind knowing that nothing is seriously going wrong

7. We re-book the next session for the following week and I re-assess, congratulate you on your progress and then progress the recovery by giving you new things to do


The digital Physio option has been a lifesaver for many of clients so far.

If you’d like to get one of the limited slots, please just reply to this email now and I’ll find a time in my busy schedule.

Heres what you will learn at your complimentary Online Physiotherapy Assessment:

*Learn why other treatments have not worked in the past. Learn to look for the cause and not the symptoms so that these injuries don't re-occur.

*Learn exercises and stretches to do on your own to keep you out of pain and moving freely so that you can train to your potential.

*Learn functional exercises that are relevant to your individual home, work of sporting environment, so that you can do the things that you love without  the fear of getting injured again.

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